About Us

“All my childhood I heard my father say that the success of a company depends on their people, and if you could align the people with the company, then you would always be able to reach your goal. As a training and development manager, the philosophies he passed on strongly influenced my career path.”

When I studied industrial psychology, I realized the secret to HR is to have clear documentation and procedures for the people to follow so they can support their company in achieving its goals.

I strongly believe effective HR services are an asset not an expense. Great HR is an opportunity to get the most out of your people by keeping their motivation at or above the level it was when you first hired them.

This is a two way street between employers and employees. The services I offer help keep this path moving smoothly.

With miningHRpro, my mission is to provide the resources, policies, and procedures you need to deal with your people as effortlessly and effectively as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more, read “Why Work With Us” or contact me directly.

– Carolina Martinez