Why Work With Us

Straight forward and affordable answers for your HR Needs.

When you work with miningHRpro, you’ll spend less, minimize long-term obligations, and receive a faster turnaround on your projects all within budget.

miningHRpro was created to help start-up and junior mining companies laser focus on specific HR requirements and people issues that must be solved before the company can smooth move forward.

The mining industry is demanding of administrative and in-house HR professionals whose time can be eaten up dealing with competing priorities. This phenomenon can lead to missing larger goals and targets and , understandably, getting dragged down dealing with day-to-day issues.

When you get help from an external HR expert, you can trust that the project you hired them for will be completed on schedule.

When you hire externally you gain someone focused on the specific business goals you’ve hired them for, his or her goals being 100% aligned with yours.

Before starting miningHRpro, I spent over 15 years working internally for the mining, energy and financial sectors industry. In that time, I saw many outside contractors come in way over budget. In some cases, these contractors were so over budget that it negatively impacted the companies. With miningHRpro, you never have to worry about this. As you can see on the HR Services page , our offerings are clear and the prices are fixed so you always know exactly what you’re paying and what you’ll receive.
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If you’d like to know more about my specific experience, you can view all the details of my experience here on Carolina’s Bio Page and to meet my team visit our team page.