J. R. H. (Dick) Whittington

P.Eng., B.Sc. Mining Engineer - President, CEO and Director, Northern Vertex Mining Corp.

Carolina is a first rate HR professional that is an asset to any management team. She has worked with me at three different companies with projects in Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Arizona. In all cases, she handled her duties with a diligence and application to detail that enabled me to “sleep at night” as far as HR issues were concerned. Whether it was policies required for the Board or the Compensation Committee or issues related to personnel, she brought her knowledge and experience to bear to provide first class work or resolve difficult personnel situations in an amicable and friendly manner to both the employee’s and my satisfaction. I would recommend her unequivocally as a “solutions” based HR professional and a person who adds value to the culture and performance of the management team.

Ed J. Duda, BBA, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer at NorthernVertex Mining Corp.

Carolina is a dynamic, HR professional that has a “can-do” attitude with elaborate knowledge and experience. She is good natured, always smiling, diplomatic at all times and successfully completed all tasks that were given to her, regardless of the complexity. In addition, Carolina is exceptionally hard-working, articulate and always manages to display a deep passion for everything she touches and I believe that her genuine interest in people makes her a fabulous addition to any environment. I enjoyed working with Carolina and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Martin Carsky - Managing Partner

Lance Bissett

Carolina was a huge asset to me during my tenure at Great Panther. She was dedicated, loyal and was extremely helpful in bridging the gap between our people in Mexico and our home office in Canada.

John Masterson

Sales Representative at CCM Inc.

" Carolina is a trustworthy, competent, very professional individual who has taken the HR position to a whole other level.  I was very fortunate to have worked with Carolina on the same team in the Mining sector. He professionalism and knowledge regarding Human Resources pertaining to United States and Canadian law were excellent. She was also instrumental in creating the relationship with the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe to communicate and assist the tribal members in gaining employment in the mining sector.  I hope here in the future to be able to work with Carolina again. "

Joel Babich

Financial Reporting and Corporate Accounting Consultant at Babich Consulting Corp.

I have worked closely with Carolina on two separate consulting engagements. During this time she consistently proved to be an enthusiastic and balanced advocate to employees, consultants, and senior management. Even during periods of significant organizational change and scarce resources, she was always approachable and generous with her time, often at personal sacrifice. I hope one day to work with Carolina again.

Sandy C Chen

Senior Accountant at Northern Vertex Mining Corp.

I have worked with Carolina at two companies in the mining sector. She is a very experienced human resource manager. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is always approachable and enthusiastic, bringing positive energy to whatever team she is part of. In addition, she is an experienced payroll and benefits administrator. She has extensive knowledge of payroll legislation and regulation in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. I hope to work with Carolina again.

Carolina is a very experienced hard working HR Manager. She is strong, intelligent, organized, supportive and a good team player. Carolina has a friendly personality with the ability to foster positive relationships with people she works with. Her strengths lie in her ability to manage complex staff issues. Carolina has a high degree of professionalism and is very productive. In addition, she is passionate about the work she does and has genuine interest in people which makes it easy for her to build teams. I am confident that she will be an excellent addition to any company, especially where professionalism and good ethics are concerned.
- Katie Zawaideh

Tomas Alba

Manager, Marketing & Logistics at Taseko Mines Ltd.

Caroline is an excellent team player. She is very supportive and has a great expertise of the HR field. Her personality is collaborative and friendly. She was always available for any advice whenever needed. March 29, 2011, Tomas worked directly with Carolina at Mining Sector

Chantal Buse (Dibos)

Northern Vertex Mining Corp.

Carolina is a great asset for any company in need of an HR Professional. She has lots of experience and is very well trained.