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June 1, 2015
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Mining Worker Recruitment Services

Recruitment & Selection Processes


Recruitment and Selection are the HEART of the staffing process. You want to ensure that the candidate who is recruited, interviewed, and eventually hired, “can”, “wants to” and “will” perform successfully in the job to support your business objectives.

With this service you’ll receive an operational guide with a step-by-step process and flow chart for your hiring manager.


This includes best practices for recruiting the best talent as well as protecting yourself from risks.

This will enable your hiring manager to complete the process and be sure he or she has made a skill based decision and has selected the candidate whose skills, knowledge, and experiences best fits the job description.

Why You Need This:

The laws and regulations around hiring are robust to say the least. Canada’s regulations are a minefield of complex rules and potential lawsuits for companies hiring. Line and hiring managers need to know the ethical practices and guidelines of federal and provincial legislation as it relates to recruitment including human rights, labor codes, and privacy in order to reduce company’s exposure to lawsuits.

Additional Options:

If required, we are available for additional training, or as an active presence during the recruiting process.