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June 2, 2015
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Job description Writing Services
Job description Writing Services

Job Descriptions


Everybody knows what a Job Description is, but few have the time or experience to develop a clear description that effectively communicates expectations to prospective employees.

A proper Job Description will help attract the best candidates while screening out those not ready to carry out the responsibilities of the job.


The goal of the job description is to explain the main objective, duties, and responsibilities, ascending, descending, and lateral reporting relationships, and the minimum qualifications required to apply.

A poor job description hinders the recruiting process and can lead to conflicts and confusion in the role after an employee starts.

A great job description will help you stand out when recruiting, get the best candidate for the job, and have clear expectations of duties and responsibilities for him or her from day one.

If done correctly, the initial job description will continue to be valuable when used in performance reviews. It is foundational in successful recruitment, performance management, training, development, and salary decisions.

We’ve written hundreds of job descriptions in English and Spanish, for positions ranging from land workers to senior managers and we are available to help you with your next positions.